Taipei black sugar Bubble milk recommended TOP5 ZhenZuidan Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Adhering to the spirit of boiling pearls into elixir, it has become the trademark of ZhenZuidan. This is also one of the best hand-baked drinks shops in many people’s minds. Its Bubble taste Q and good fragrant, and the more you drink, the […]
The Hangzhou Xiao-long-bao next to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is quite famous. Eight of them sell 150, compared with 210 yuan of Ding Taifeng’s 10 cages, which is actually about the same price. However, if the environment of the restaurant and the exquisiteness of the decoration are compared, the well-known international Ding Taifeng is […]
Jiufen Amei Tea House To Jiufen, of course, you should not miss this unique style of Jiufen Amei Tea House. When you come to the store, you can choose to sit in the room for tea, or go to the top floor to enjoy the night view for the beauty of Jiufen. The menu of […]
Sunny Hills Confectionery
Sunny Hills Pineapple-Shortbread On the Bagua Mountain in Nantou, it is the location of the founding store of the “Sunny Hills” and the home of the founder. In the past 10 years, the annual sales volume of the Sunny Hills’ pineapple cakes has exceeded 20 million. Although it has been stationed in department stores and […]