Taipei black sugar Bubble milk recommended TOP5 ZhenZuidan Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Adhering to the spirit of boiling pearls into elixir, it has become the trademark of ZhenZuidan. This is also one of the best hand-baked drinks shops in many people’s minds. Its Bubble taste Q and good fragrant, and the more you drink, the […]
Mala top-spicy-hot-pot
The unlimited supply of the price increase is the characteristic of the top spicy hot pot of the horse. The dazzling array of ingredients is super rich, with a wide variety of hot pot ingredients, greens, cooked foods and seafood.  The spicy soup is always nostalgic. The bottom of the pot can be selected from […]
Jiyuan Portuguese Restaurant is located in Zhuzi Lake, Yangmingshan. Most of them are Taiwanese or Chinese-style hot-fried, chicken stew is fresh and juicy, and the soup is very tasty. The white-broiled chicken is also quite tender and delicious. The iron plate beef tenderloin is tender and juicy and slightly chewy. It is very full of […]
Sancai Lingzhi Ecological Farm
Sancai Lingzhi Ecological Farm has a quiet environment, clean and clear water quality, suitable for planting Ganoderma lucidum! The farm restaurant has developed a healthy and creative cuisine for the Ganoderma lucidum meal, which is healthy, healthy and delicious. In addition to the creative cuisine of Ganoderma lucidum to enhance immunity, the farm also has […]
The Water-Smelting Savory-taste is standing for dining, and there is no seat. The sashimi salad has sashimi cut into smaller pieces. With the lettuce underneath and the sweet and sour sauce, it is quite delicious. Gilado oysters: It is recommended to eat one original, one squeeze a little lemon to eat and see. The original taste […]