Jiufen Amei Tea House

Jiufen Amei Tea House

To Jiufen, of course, you should not miss this unique style of Jiufen Amei Tea House. When you come to the store, you can choose to sit in the room for tea, or go to the top floor to enjoy the night view for the beauty of Jiufen.

The menu of Amei Tea House is very cool, it is bamboo engraved! When you reach the top floor, the service staff will tell you TWD300 per person, including four small tea desserts and unlimited teas, hot tea or rich ice tea.

The top floor seats have chic table mats and wet wipes. The four small refreshments are:

1) Sprinkle the black sugar numbness of the fine brown sugar powder, and eat it full of Q bombs, the taste is very good.

2) The sweet plum with a little bit of acidity is a mild and smooth candied fruit.

3) Sesame chips with sesame aroma, crispy and crispy, the taste is really good.

4) Mung bean cake that is very dense and not too sweet, suitable for small mouth tasting, is a very delicate and pleasing small dessert.

In the evening, the Jiufen Amei Tea House has it’s unique style, and after the night, it become more lively and attracts people who are pilgrimage in the charming Jiufen.   Jiufen Taro Ball

Address: No. 20, Shi-sha Lane, Ruifang District, New Taipei City

Tel: 02-2496-0833

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