Policies and Terms

Longguan Tour Membership Terms:

You are welcome to join the Longguan Tour membership, please read the following terms of use. Upon completion of the registration process or the commencement of booking of travel merchandise and services on the Longguan Tour website, the user is deemed to be aware of and fully agrees to all the terms of these Terms of Use: 

Member obligation: To custody password and notify Longguan Tour when personal account has been used by unknow third party.

1. The Longguan Tour member account is the E-Mail (hereinafter referred to as the account number) that is filled in when you register. You must fill in the account and password. You cannot log in repeatedly.

2. Members should keep their passwords safely, and they should not disclose or provide them to others for knowledge or use. The behavior of all actions taken after entering the Longguan Tour website, with the same member account and password will be considered as the member and password holder. It will be an exception if it is verified that the account has been stolen.

3. The member must fill in the correct personal information when registering. If there is any false registration, the Longguan Tour can suspend or terminate its membership. If it violates the relevant laws of the Republic of China, it will be investigated according to law.

4. Members who finds or suspects a third party for using their member account or password should immediately notify the Longguan Tour to take the necessary precautions necessary. Cancel or change the reservation of product:

Cancel or change the reservation of product:

The company’s travel products do not support partial refund.
The company’s product support cancellation. If you need to cancel, please contact “Longguan Tour” by email to formally submit your application, and use cellpnone: +886-938578080, or “Line: 0938578080” or “WeChat: f0938578080” to double confirm the cancellation.
【User Cancellation】
If you need to cancel, please use the Email address of your member account, to contact “Longguan Tour” for formal application of the cancellation. In order to prevent errors, we do not accept cancellation by simply using a phone notice.
No loss will be charged before 17:00 (inclusive) 3 days before the date of use.
2 days before the date of use, and before 17:00 (inclusive), deduct 50% of the buyer’s order amount as seller managing
fee of loss.
2 days before the date of use, but after 17:00, 100% of the buyer’s order amount is deducted as the seller’s managing fee of loss.
Reservations (local time) cannot be refunded within One day prior to the date of use.

Member’s Privacy Protection:

In addition to the following four points

  1. a) Based on legal requirements
  2. b) Subject to judicial procedures or other competent authorities based on statutory procedures.
  3. c) In order to maintain the safety of other members or third parties in an emergency
  4. d) Members book travel and rent vehicles through the “Longguan Tour”, thus generating the necessary information for the process of payment and logistics.
  1. For personal data registered or retained by members, “Longguan Tour” will never disclose the member’s name, address, credit card number, email address and other legally protected personal data without the member’s consent.
  1. At the same time, for the purpose of providing marketing, market analysis, statistics or research, or for the purpose of providing members with personalized services or value-added services, members agree that “Longguan Tour” and its strategic partners may record, save, and use members to remain on the Site or The information and records produced, and the disclosure or use of statistics without revealing the information.

Intellectual property rights

All works and materials on the “Longguan Tour” website, copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, other intellectual property rights, ownership or other rights, are owned by “Longguan Tour” or its original authors. Except to get prior authorization by “Longguan Tour” or its rights holders, members shall not reproduce, transmit, modify, edit or use in any other form or for any purpose without the legal authorization, otherwise they shall be legally responsible.


Effect of individual terms

When all or part of any provision of this Agreement is invalid, it does not affect the validity of other agreements.