Sunny Hills Confectionery

Sunny Hills Pineapple-Shortbread

Sunny Hills Pineapple-Shortbread

On the Bagua Mountain in Nantou, it is the location of the founding store of the “Sunny Hills” and the home of the founder.

In the past 10 years, the annual sales volume of the Sunny Hills’ pineapple cakes has exceeded 20 million. Although it has been stationed in department stores and opened street-side stores, it has also entered overseas markets such as Japan and Singapore. There are still many tourists visiting Nantou for “pilgrimage”.

The founder believes that the natural and local tastes of the homeland should be highlighted, so choose the hometown of pineapples. And for the improvement of quality and technology, improve the packaging details, so refined that even the Japanese are surprised.

Impressive with the unique marketing techniques: provide a whole piece of pineapple cake to try and eat, and use the “tea ceremony” to create a human touch. He said: When you are warm and entertaining, so that consumers can make a good impression on the brand when they only need to come once, the influence of “Word of Merit” is beyond imagination. Everyone who walks out from the “home” is willing to recommend you to others around you.

This ingenuity, so that the creation of the Sunny Hills less than two years ago, the store’s long queues. Years of good word-of-mouth effect, so far the Sunny Hills are still Taiwan’s leading pineapple cake brand!

Sunny Hills Pineapple-Shortbread

Address: No. 2, Lane 1100, Bagua Road, Fengshanli, Nantou City, Nantou County       

Telephone:  049-2292767


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