Jinshan big bowl crab
Jinshan big-bowl crab-Congee at Jinshan Jinbaoli Old Street The famous attractions on the North Coast include Jinshan, Sanzhi and Wanli. Among them, the Jinshan Hot Spring and the Big amount fresh seafood are also worthy of appreciation. In addition to large crabs and several blue-drilled shrimps, a bowl of crab porridge is found in the […]
ChiaTe Confectionery
ChiaTe Confectionery Pineapple Pastry Founded in 1975, it was originally called Chiate Bakery. In 2006, it won the first prize of Taipei’s original flavored pineapple pastry. In 2007, it won the championship of Cranberry pastry. Features of ChiaTe Confectionery Pineapple Pastry: The skin is thin and stuffed, the skin is roasted and rosin, it is […]
Founded in 1963, Yong-kang Beef Noodles is a small noodle stall next to Yongkang Park. It is a 50-year-old Sichuan-style beef noodle shop. Many foreign tourists come here. The rich soup of Yong-kang beef noodles is salty and spicy, and it is thick and heavy. Dark red signature “red braised beef noodle” features: with bean […]
Jiufen-Feature-food Taro-Ball One of the long-established stores in Jiufen area is Lai Apo, and Anti Mandarin’s shop is also well-known. In addition to the Taro Ball, other sweet potato ball, yam ball, green tea ball, sesame ball. The ball are all hand-made on the spot. The store will peel the selected fresh big nails and […]
Jinfeng Pork-Belly-Rice Mushroom-Meat-Slice-Soup is very famous for the great taste which was well-known during many decades in Taipei city ever since. infeng Pork-Belly-Rice Mushroom-Meat-Slice-Soup is already a popular food not only in Taipei, but also in Taiwan. It is located at Exit 2 of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall MRT Station. Next to the South Gate […]