Jiufen-Feature-food Taro-Ball

Jiufen-Feature-food Taro-Ball

One of the long-established stores in Jiufen area is Lai Apo, and Anti Mandarin’s shop is also well-known. In addition to the Taro Ball, other sweet potato ball, yam ball, green tea ball, sesame ball. The ball are all hand-made on the spot.

The store will peel the selected fresh big nails and cut them into pieces. After steaming and heating, and according to the appropriate proportion of sweet potato powder or too white powder, add the stirring with the mud, the water must also be added appropriately.

How to make tasty taro ball?Just pick a thick taro, then pinch the strips, cut into pieces, you can cook the soft ball of Q bombs.

Jiufen-Feature-food Taro-Ball: Whether it’s the popular round ice in the summer, or the hot and delicious soup in the winter, a bowl of round soup will add red beans, soy and rice in addition to the colorful flavors. Mung bean and other soups are refreshing and delicious.

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