ChiaTe Confectionery

ChiaTe Confectionery Pineapple Pastry

ChiaTe Confectionery Pineapple Pastry

Founded in 1975, it was originally called Chiate Bakery. In 2006, it won the first prize of Taipei’s original flavored pineapple pastry. In 2007, it won the championship of Cranberry pastry.

Features of ChiaTe Confectionery Pineapple Pastry: The skin is thin and stuffed, the skin is roasted and rosin, it is not sticky, and it is not greasy. The taste of pineapple cake can be arbitrarily matched, including original pineapple pastry, pineapple egg yolk pastry, yolk red bean paste pastry, cranberry pineapple pastry, acrospires walnut pineapple pastry, cherry pineapple pastry, longan pastry, prunes pastry, strawberry pastry, cantaloupe pastry, fruit pastry, and double stuffing. It is noble and generous to dress up as a gift box. And It contains a lot of different flavors in a box, that is very attractive to people.

In addition to pineapple pastry, Chiate also has egg yolk pastry, sun pastry, milk pastry, red bean yolk pastry, original peanut nougat… all are very popular product and won good reputation in the market.

Address: No. 88, Section 5, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Telphone: (02) 8787-8186.

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