Jinshan big bowl crab

Jinshan big-bowl crab-Congee

Jinshan big-bowl crab-Congee at Jinshan Jinbaoli Old Street

The famous attractions on the North Coast include Jinshan, Sanzhi and Wanli. Among them, the Jinshan Hot Spring and the Big amount fresh seafood are also worthy of appreciation. In addition to large crabs and several blue-drilled shrimps, a bowl of crab porridge is found in the bottom of the bowl. It is full of fresh oysters and clams, with a sweet and rich soup, giving people not only satiety. It is a great satisfaction and very good value. The freshly-smelted fresh rolls are especially sweet and tender, with a blue-drilled shrimp with a resume, which tastes quite sweet and has a chewy texture.

Jinshan big-bowl crab-Congee pay much attention at the soup of the porridge, which based with chicken bones and onions boiled, plus gold clam, so that the soup taste very sweet and delicious, refreshing and less oil, and eats natural sweetness, also rich in concentrated nutrient zinc Essence. In addition, fresh fish, fried sashimi, and the “fish and egg salad”are all the signature original creation and great dishes!

Address: No. 44, Jinbaoli Street, Jinshan District, New Taipei City

Tel: 0913-316825

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