FuHang Soybean Milk is a well-known Chinese breakfast shop in the Taipei area. The signature meal is a biscuit fritter, which is almost a must-have item for everyone. The history of Fuhang Soybean milk has been over 50 years. It was originally a popular store in Taipei. In recent years, many foreign tourists have come […]
Featured Scenic in Chocolate
What is the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan? It is chocolate that gathered the most well-known 10 kinds of landscapes in Taiwan: Alishan, Sun Moon Lake, Yushan, Fisherman’s Wharf, Burlang Avenue, Jiaming Lake, Yehliu Queen’s Head, Xiziwan, Sanxiantai, Mazu. Blue tears, and many other places of scenic beauty, hand-painted painted chocolate, and made with exclusive […]