FuHang Soybean Milk

FuHang Soybean Milk is a well-known Chinese breakfast shop in the Taipei area. The signature meal is a biscuit fritter, which is almost a must-have item for everyone.

The history of Fuhang Soybean milk has been over 50 years. It was originally a popular store in Taipei. In recent years, many foreign tourists have come to pilgrimage. The price of Fuhang Soybean milk is slightly higher than the other breakfast shop averagely, but after tasting the delicious food here, it will feel worthwhile to you.

To taste the delicious breakfast here, be sure to get up early; it is quite often to see the long queue of people at Huashan market. While waiting in queue line before ordering a meal, you will walk through a busy work area, kiln oven pan fried is the secret weapon of delicious signature

The most popular and signboard option at FuHang Soybean Milk is: “cakes with fried dough sticks”. The thick cakes are solid and chewy. They are crispy and tender inside. They also have the salty aroma of sesame and chopped green onion. The taste of the fritters will not be hard, but the outer crisps are soft and especially delicious.

While taking “salty soy milk”, it is a bit like the taste of steamed egg, which is also a popular option for customers. Others include quiche and caramel cookies.

The quiche does not look like a normal breakfast shop with a hard outer skin, and the specially baked egg cakes of the soy milk paste are especially tender. In addition, the “boiled cake egg” also has a great flavor.

Enjoy a delicious and unforgettable breakfast, and Fuhang Soybean milk will definitely be your leading choice.

Address:  2nd Floor, No. 108, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

Telephone: (02)2392-2175

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