Featured Scenic in Chocolate

Featured Scenic on Chocolate

What is the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan? It is chocolate that gathered the most well-known 10 kinds of landscapes in Taiwan: Alishan, Sun Moon Lake, Yushan, Fisherman’s Wharf, Burlang Avenue, Jiaming Lake, Yehliu Queen’s Head, Xiziwan, Sanxiantai, Mazu. Blue tears, and many other places of scenic beauty, hand-painted painted chocolate, and made with exclusive development of stuffing, is the world’s unique and delicate chocolate, not only delicious, but also represents the beauty of Taiwan.

Longguan Holiday Tour. Taiwan Gourmet food chartered tour : QingJing Farm. Sun Moon Lake. Alishan National Forest. chartered 3 days tour, Gaomei Wetland. Alishan National Forest. Sun Moon Lake 3 days chartered tour, take you to the shop of amazing Featured Scenic on Chocolate.

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