Dining-Canteen Nostalgic-Taiwanese-dishes

Dining-Canteen Nostalgic-Taiwanese-dishes is located in Yongkang Street in Taipei City. It is an old-fashioned restaurant with a taste of Taiwanese nostalgic atmosphere.

The restaurant usually presents the Taiwanese local cuisine which preserve or reproduce the taste of Taiwanese local flavour. However, as modern people’s eating habits change, the taste of the traditional Taiwanese dishes is removed from the heavy oil and heavy salt, and the simple ingredients are improved to make the most refreshing Taiwanese food, good meal and not salty.

In addition to the hobbyists who love Taiwanese dishes, Dining-Canteen Nostalgic-Taiwanese-dishes also attract many Japanese guests from time to time.

Address: No. 5, Lane 8, Yongkang Street, Daan District, Taipei City

Telephone: (02) 2322-2632

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