Taroko National Park awesome-nature-art

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[Taroko] is a fairly representative attraction in Taiwan. Generally speaking, the Taroko, which is also a relatively narrow Taroko, refers to the 187.5K (near Hualien) from Zhongheng Highway (Taiwan 8). The east-west cross-road” archway or the “Tarouge archway” to the Tianxiang section of the nearly 20-kilometer section of the canyon, this section of the foggy stream cuts into a spectacular canyon, and the Zhongheng Highway is along the mountains on both sides of the Liwu River The wall is cut through, and the representative is the canyon road landscape of Yanzikou and Jiuqudong. Of course, the scope of the Taroko National Park is not only the same. The entire Taroko National Park covers an area of 90,000 hectares, spanning Hualien, Nantou and Taichung, including Hehuan Mountain, which is also a well-known attraction of the Taroko National Park awesome-nature-art.